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Tips For New Pets

This summer we have had the opportunity to meet many new puppies and kittens, as summer seems to be a popular time to add a 4-legged member to your family. Even if you have had pets for years, there's always an adjustment when a new pet comes home. These are some things you can do to help ease the transition for everyone. And if you are planning on getting a new pet, please let us know! We have lots of information on selecting the best pet for you, and helping them settle in well.

Research your breed and your breeder. The more information you have, the easier things will be. So, if you know your breed's special quirks, and also what their routine was before coming home, you can help them settle in easier.

Plan for their arrival have food, bedding, toys and anything else ready the day before your new pet arrives. That way you can spend the first day bonding with your puppy or kitten, and not worrying about what you forgot to pick up.

Try to keep the first few days as stress-free as possible. Give your new pet some time alone at first, and carefully plan introductions with any other pets in the house. First impressions are important.

After they have settled in, a visit to the vet can help everyone get acquainted and gives us a chance to examine your friend for any medical problems, as well as reviewing their medical history and updating any vaccines needed. A "meet and greet" visit where your new puppy or kitten comes in to visit the hospital, get some treats, and generally is fussed over and petted can make future visits less stressful. Of course, if you pet shows any signs of illness, give us a call anytime. And remember, adult pets who are new to the family also benefit from a "new pet checkup".