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Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

  • 1. Your Pet will be a more content Family Member Dogs and cats are domestic animals and naturally take to people, but unaltered pets are distracted by sexual instincts. Roaming, over-aggressiveness, excessive barking, howling and destructive behavior are often linked to sex drive. Altered pets are free of such frustrations and are usually calmer and more content to stay home and concentrate on their owners. The result is a more obedient, affectionate pet. If you have more than one pet in the household, you’ll find your pets get along much better if all are altered.

  • 2. Your Pets will be Healthier Spayed females are less apt to develop breast cancer and uterine infections, males less likely to suffer prostate gland problems. Both are less likely to roam away from home and be injured or killed in traffic. Altered pets are less likely to fight with other animals, saving the pain and expense of injury.

  • 3. You will not have to put up with Staining or Spraying Female dogs experience a flow of blood as part of the reproductive process. Unless you are prepared to diaper your pet (and can anticipate the timing) or accept staining of your rugs and furniture, you will want to spay your pet and eliminate this problem entirely. Un-neutered male cats mark territory by "spraying" objects in or out of the house with strong smelling urine. If neutered before they are one year old, male cats rarely develop this habit.

  • 4. You will not have to fight off suitors When a female goes into heat, male animals for blocks around know it. A female dog normally comes into heat twice a year. She will attract males for almost 3 weeks. Female cats, during breeding season, come into heat as often as every 2 -3 weeks. If you do not want your pet bred, you are in for a very trying time. Cats wail, run and dart out the door at the slightest opportunity. Walking a female dog in heat is like going into battle. Every loose male dog in the neighborhood will follow and nothing will drive them away. Nor is a fenced yard sure protection. Dogs will achieve the "impossible" when motivated to breed and the number of puppies conceived in a safely fenced yard is a testament to the strength of this urge.

For a healthy, content pet with fewer behavioural issues have your pet spayed or neutered.