Viking Veterinary Clinic is...

  • Passionate about the quality of care we deliver.
  • Sensitive to our clients’ concerns.
  • Committed to our community.
  • Gentle, compassionate care givers.

Small Animal Services

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  • Commonly Asked Questions

  • Euthanasia and Cremation Services
    Here at Viking Veterinary Clinic we understand euthanasia is a difficult process that many pet owners go through. Our caring and empathetic staff will try to make this difficult situation as comforting as possible. We partnered with Part of the Family Pet Memorial Center to help bring closure and celebrate the life of your pet. They offer an excellent range of services from communal cremations with ashes spread in the scattering meadow or private cremations returned in customized urns, or other memorial products. To view these products to commemorate your pet please visit https://partofthefamily.ca/. If you have any further questions regarding the euthanasia process please contact the clinic to speak to one of our staff at (780) 336-4048.